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Welcome to Pugwash's Little Corner in this World
Hi if yer intrested in Motobikes,Beer,Bike Rallies and Beer come on in sit open a tinnie and Relax
I'd like to say if yer also intrested in Woman and Sex but my Missus would kill me.
So there's no Naked Women in here,oh sorry you leaving already!! no Sex, so this Site won't be found under Adult Content or by Goggle or any other search engine either.
Am I Drunk No'I'm Unemployed though.No i'm not asking for a Job Either.
Oh an Mr Dole Office Person this ain't a Job Either so Don't Stop my Giro you B'stard.

Why build a Website ? Why not it's Free and I can Ran't an Curse as much as I Like till they pull the Plug or Send the Men Round with a coat that only buckles from the Back!!

Seriously though I've been riding Bikes for over 25 Years (and Falling off aswell)Have Owned over 40 Bikes of all Different Kinds.Built 2 from the frame Up and recently Built One The Chop with a One Off Frame (with a lot of Help From Friends),now I don't Profess to know everything and i'm not going to offer advice on how to Build one either,but Maybe you'll have a Look in here an have a Laugh.

All the Bikes in here (well Eventually i'm still Building the site FFS) will be mine that i've Owned,Still Own or Have Met with Unpleasent Fates so that'll be most of them then.I'm not saying i'm unlucky but you Can't Ride a Motorbike for 25 odd years an not have a few incedents so I may tell yer a few of the funny ones involving Pain an Misey an a Few of the not so nice ones but do I care course not i'm still alive Riding My Chop and Having fun (not to mention getting Drunk whenever possible)Oh an if yer one of those bleeding heart types who will say in 25 years of Riding a Bike i've never had an Accident well good luck to yer mate just don't bleat on about it to me, not fucking intrested in your Opinion get yer own Website an do that for yerself.
Sounds a bit harsh don't it well i've had all kinds of Advice from People when it came to Riding Bikes (usually along the lines of "Don't do it")some of it was Helpfull.an some of it taken with a big pinch of salt but I felt I could learn it better by trying myself and yer i've fucked up on a few Occasions,but it wern't always my fault either.

Motorbikes.Something that's caused a lot of Fun,Heartache,friendship,Pain and moments of sheer Terror but Mostly a big Grin an fits of Laughter.If i'm really honest I actually Love My Bike (no not like that Either,although I did sleep with most of the Parts of me Chop in the bedroom as did my Long suffering Girlfriend but the parts were all clean an kept under the Bed) and I Ride it every oppurtunity (the Bike)Ever since iv'e finished building it I actually think of Excuses to go an Ride the Bloody thing which is amazing really coz at one point I thought about giving up as I got fed up with piss taking insurance company's and Nob-head Car Drivers and stupid Pricks on Mopeds,not to mention the dark forces well it'd be stupid to have ago at them who think they know best as they Can Fine yer and Even remove yer Driving Priverlidges.

Beer.Really enjoy a good Drink Larger mostly oh an Jack Daniels.Incedently did you know that when you throw up Violently coz you've overdone it an the old pavement pizza starts to appear it's not fuckin Carrots(i know you won't believe me trust me)coz we all look don't we,Its actually parts of yer Stomach Lining little itty bits of it, there again if yer chuckin up real hard like maybe big bits,but don't worry you'll be ok when you've finished go inside an have anutha pint to settle yerself,you'll be fine.

Drawing.used to do loads of it mostly Drawn in pencil,i'd put some pictures on here but those bloody scanners are crap at picking up pencil lines

Rallies.Well wot can I say about Rallies,firstly if you havn't done any,Why not you Fools get out in the Spring as soon as the Rally season Starts (actually it never finishes but the idea of freezing to death at a winter Rally has lost it's appeal to me Personally,there again there are peeps who enjoy it,must be sadists or nutters or Both)look in Bike Magazines on Web-sites,maybe even here coz i'll try an put some dates up for yer here and links.Me well the Idea of riding a bike to a Rally,putting up a Tent( whilst Drinking a few beers,actually i open a tinnie as soon as i get there) in a field and spending the weekend with like minded nutters whoose only intrest is to "Party" is the Reason why i live.I'm like a big kid and as the boring hum drum bit trudges along(Mon-Thursday)till its time to leave.Been going to Rallies for 20 years Almost,most of my if not all of my friends are from the Rally scene and its just one big Party from Beggining to end and i'm sure the Local Brewery's are happy for our Consumption of some of there fine beverages.there's always sumthin to do whether its looking at other Peeps bikes listening to the Bands or just plain talkin Bollox an gettin Pissed,just remeber to bring plenty of Headache pills and sumthin to wipe away that horrible taste in yer mouth first thing in the Morning,I mean if yer there for the weekend you don't have to stop Drinking if you don't wan't to but do try an Remember you will have to go home at some point so try not to Overdo it on the Saturday nite.It used to be a Niced Relaxed Ride home from a Rally,but theses Days the Revenue Collectors Hang around Sites(usually at the bigger Rallies, but are changin tactics and hanging around the Smaller ones aswell)hiding up the Road waiting for there next Victim and u don't wan't to worry about having to get a bus pass coz that bag you had to blow in turned Green do yer,So be a bit carefull.

So what Crap/Intresting Shite can I put in Here
Well this'll be for site updates

Still building the site,taking longer than Expected due to spell checking :-)

Hi if your a 1200 Bandit Owner an you Like Standard Bikes you Better Leave now,coz yep that Picture abuv does contain a 1200 Bandit Engine and yes I did Own one and I did break it up an Sell it and Yes it's a Hardtail and yes it is Comfortable.
I just got fed up with Saftey Camera's you know them big Grey Boxes put there to help you Obey the highway code an not there to Collect Revenue for our wonderfull goverment.Course it ain't a Stealth Tax and there always sited on Dangerous Roads to help us protect ourselves
Oh an i'm really sure that the other reason they were put there was so All our Law Enforcement Agencies can divert all the Extra Manpower they have now to more serious crimes like mugging old ladies an burgulary.And yes I understand that That Small Numberplates.Dark visors an Exhausts that let other Idiots know which is the best direction to pull out an Kill me is such a henious crime I do desrerve to be deported to the Colonies,when i'm Caught after you set up your wonderfull Roadblocks at all the available Revenue sights Scattered all thoughout this wonderfull free country, such as Bike Meets,Race Tracks,Rallies or anywhere you see fit.
Oh an by the way even though i'm not a Football Star an daddy didn't go to a Top school when I do go to court please understand i'm a normal Citezen so please show some sense in you verdict so if i'm pissed out of my mind and kill a bus shelter full of Nuns in my Car don't forget if you give me a small fine i'll get you two good seats at the Match and a couple of rent boys ok how's that sound
Of couse if i'm on my Bike i'll gladly sign the Bring Back Hanging Petition and even Hang myself Accidently in my cell if you like

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Getting Rich Quick From My Site!
yer rite as if,well you won't so either rob a Bank,Win the Lottery,Get a Decent Job or Win the fuckin Lottey.

My 1200 before I cut it up
Nice Bike Loved had it from New and if I could have Afforded to I might have kept it an Cut up Sumthin else instead,There again I may have Killed Myself on it before that happened
Most of it is still on the Road and its New Owner is quite happy with it the B'stard even keeps it Clean !!!!
Still without him i'd still be riding it so blame him not me.
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